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Your future career plans are dependent on your continued growth and development, helping you to add vital skills that will give you the ability to advance to the next level in your chosen field. If you work in the IT industry, you already know that upgrading your IT skills is crucial to making those plans a reality. To ensure that you’re getting the most value from your time and training dollars, ExitCertified is your obvious choice for every course and certification.

Professionals like you have been training with us since 2001. Today, we deliver over 9,500 authorized IT training courses for more than 25 brands.

You want to know that your training provider has the credibility to earn your organization’s trust. ExitCertified delivers. Vendor-approved IT training is our only business. When you train in our facilities, you’ll find well-equipped classrooms and friendly staff who are dedicated to making your learning experience comfortable and productive. And when you train remotely, you’ll see that our investment in technology makes online learning every bit as engaging as the training you take in person.

Read on, and see what else you can expect from ExitCertified training.

Get one contact for all your IT training

When you choose ExitCertified, you’ll never have to look anywhere else. We are a recognized training provider for dozens of leading brands. Your course content is certified, and it comes directly from the creators of the products you rely on.

IT professions browsing IT training options 

Choose from more than 9,500 courses

Whether you need just one course or a full certification pathway, ExitCertified has you covered. And if you’re not sure which courses fit with your career goals, just ask us. Our in-house education consultants will be happy to help you build your learning plan. Whatever your training goals, you can maximize your budget by locking in prepaid discounts through a yearly subscription or our Flex Account.

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Get free support after your course is done

Learning never stops. And once your class is done, you’re almost certain to have follow-up questions. That’s why ExitCertified offers eMentoring. If you need clarification on any aspect of your course, just email us. Our instructors are here to help.

Student asking for help after class

Learn from award-winning, certified instructors

At ExitCertified, you’ll learn from instructors who are among the best in North America. They’ve won awards and recognition from several partners and IT organizations. And they don’t rest on their laurels. Every ExitCertified instructor must complete a full certification process to teach any class. And each instructor is monitored and evaluated weekly. When you learn from ExitCertified’s instructors, you know they’ve earned the approval of our vendors and our customers alike.

Award-winning certified IT instructor

Rely on our uncompromising Quality Measurement

You work to rigorous standards. So do we. We continually monitor our classes, and we pay obsessively close attention to evaluations from our learners. We’re committed to ensuring that everything we do — course content, instruction, labs and even after-class support — meets or exceeds the expectations of our vendors and our customers. That’s one reason we’re consistently among the Top 20 IT Training Companies named by TrainingIndustry.com.

Students in a highly rated IT training course

Take any class, anywhere, any time

You can’t just stop work for the sake of your training. With ExitCertified, you won’t have to. Our self-paced classes can be followed from wherever you happen to be. And with our exclusive iMVP® training, you can actually connect to our classrooms from your home or office while live training is underway.

remote iMVP student taking IT training

Awarded Yearly for Excellence in Training 

ExitCertified is consistently recognized by brand partners for its quality training services. We meet the criteria for these awards through revenue achievement, superior customer service, and the meeting and exceeding of high training delivery standards. The standards in which our training is delivered is monitored yearly in order to maintain Authorized and Certified partner status.

Our most recent awards include:

IT professions browsing IT training options
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